All of our fragrances are created and certified by a trained professional--one of only 300 perfumers in the United States recognized by the American Society of Perfumers. Sustainability is important to us, so we carry natural ingredients and synthetic ingredients for any kind of fragrances you need. D&D offers two different ways to get a bold, unique fragrance, always with no order minimums. 

Fragrances on stock 

Not quite sure what you want? No worries, D&D maintains a library of over 600 fragrances, covering a wide range of aromas from new car to apple cinnamon pie. You can sample our fragrances in house or by mail request. Our most popular fragrances are on stock and available for prompt delivery for when you're in a rush.

Fragrances made unique

Already know what your ideal scent is? D&D will help you develop your own fragrances; exactly the way you want it. We can create a smell that is perfect for you and your products.

Natural Fragrances

D&D offers over 100 natural fragrance and essential oil blends, perfect for your all natural needs. Our natural fragrances can be selected from our scent library or made specially for you.

What we can do for you